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“...FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS” Esther 4:14

Many of us find ourselves amazingly prepared for callings and purposes beyond our expectations, simply by God’s grace. My name is Bill Beckman and this is a glimpse of what the Lord has done and is doing in me and my family’s life.

My wife, Alex, and I first met in Maui at a Calvary Chapel Bible College retreat in 2005 and it wasn’t until 2008 that we started our relationship and finally were married in May of 2009! Almost a decade of our lives was spent in ministry at Applegate Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville, Oregon. Internships, Pastoral training programs and general practical church ministry helped prepare me for a life calling into ministry. During our tenure at Applegate we were a part of many church ministry happenings. From family camps, kids camps, teaching bible studies, children’s ministry, leading worship, managing retreat centers, being a part and teaching schools of disciples, running the church’s radio station (KAPL), and marriage counselling, without a doubt, the most impacting was our time spent at a sweet little orphanage in Mexico.

Alex and I spent 2 years at “La Mision De Los Ninos” in Carmen Serdan Mexico where 18-20 handicapped individuals required daily practical, spiritual and relational care. After serving on “family staff” for 6 months we found ourselves thrust into the directorship. Between Mexican Governmental bureaucracy, fluxuations in much needed staff and a devastating invasion of tuberculosis that took the life of a beloved orphan as it swept through the camp…. Alex and I experienced the Lord’s grace and presence more than we ever had before. Alex became pregnant with our first child during our tenure at the mission and unbeknownst to us, our time at the mission had prepared us for our own personal trial. Our first child proved to be a very very special little girl who would ultimately be our little Queen Esther.

One year into our ministry at the mission Esther came into our world immediately born into her own ministry. Born with a very rare handicap called “Cerebral-Costo-Mandibular-Syndrome”, or CCMS for short, she was immediately life flighted to Portland Oregon’s renowned pediatric Doernbechers Hospital where we would find ourselves visiting our little queen everyday in the NICU for 5 and a half weeks.

The Lord once again met us there where we found courage that was unexplainable, peace that passed our understanding and provision that was nothing less than miraculous. After a jaw surgery, tracheostomy and G-tube placement all within the first month of our little girl’s life, the Lord gave me the best birthday present I had ever and will ever receive. On March 29th 2011, my 28th birthday, I brought my little girl home for the first time! The Lord has already impacted so many people’s lives through our little girl and without a doubt she was placed in our care “...for such a time as this.”

In 2013, a much needed spinal surgery for Esther brought our family to Florida. Since Esther our family has grown by two more additions. Emeth (Pronounced Emmett) and William (Pronounced William;)) are both completely amazing little characters that the Lord is raising up in His time for ministries of their own.

The Lord is faithful and true. He does not lie, leave us or mislead us. Such a good Shepherd that leads us through the dark valleys of our lives and into the green pastures of safe, joyous contentment. This is truly our testimony; that the Lord has shown us His gracious love by protecting us, providing for us and using us in ways greater than we could have ever thought.

He has saved us!! Because of this, we give Him the glory and LOVE to praise Him.

We look forward to meeting you! The Beckman Family, Billy, Alex, Esther, Emeth, and William

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